A new geothermal feature every day in 2011.


Diadem Spring

I am not sure how Diadem Spring rated having a name. The interesting thing about Diadem Spring is that it looks completely different in photos depending on where you stand.


Dragon’s Mouth Spring

I like to take pictures of Dragon’s Mouth Spring, but it is not easy. The pool boils at the opening in the hillside, putting out a steady steam cloud. If it doesn’t obscure or fade the colors, it messes up the exposure settings. So this one is another of my drive-by features. I drive by, hop out, take a few pictures and then check them out when I get home.

Veteran Geyser

Veteran Geyser spends a lot of time erupting and you can get some good closeups of splashing water.

Morning Glory Feature B

This pool is across the trail from Riverside Geyser.

Grand Group Feature A

Just another orange pool for Saturday.

Spindle Geyser

Spindle Geyser is at the end of the trail along White Creek. The trail might go further, but I haven’t been able to follow it.

Silver Spring

The water level rises and falls in Silver Spring, and sometimes it erupts when it fills and boils. I only have one photo of Silver Spring completely filled. Maybe I should have waited around a bit to see if it would have erupted.

Celestine Pool

In 2010, Celestine Pool was boiling in the center. I had never noticed this before, but I don’t have a lot of pictures of Celestine Pool over time. Only one, in fact, before 2010.

Old Road Feature G

This is another feature off the Old Road that you’ll need a zoom lens to photograph.

Rift Geyser

I’ve happened along to find Rift in eruption a couple of times. I don’t know if it is regular at all, but I think it’s related to Grand’s eruptions in some way.