A new geothermal feature every day in 2011.

White Creek


LNN008 is a small hot pool along White Creek.


Spindle Geyser

Spindle Geyser is at the end of the trail along White Creek. The trail might go further, but I haven’t been able to follow it.

Botryoidal Spring

Botryoidal Spring is off in the field to the right as you walk towards Octopus Spring from the parking lot. The eruptions are short (less than a minute) but frequent (every few minutes), so it’s easy to capture if you know to look for it.

Electric Socket Pool

I guess this is called Electric Socket Pool because of the two dents in the middle. Anything else to say about this?

Blue Funnel Spring

A nice, blue pool for … not Wednesday!

Octopus Spring

Attendance must be up at the park, because this backcountry pool now has a little fence on the ground in front of it. Not a bad idea, but now you can’t get a picture without it. I have to admit that there’s not a lot of space between the pool and the hillside. I have some photos where it looks like people are way too close to this feature. That isn’t the case, but if the pool is between you and the person and you zoom in, it looks like the person is standing right on the edge.


Using a polarizing filter brings out the color in this pool along White Creek.

White Creek Feature D

Oh, it must be Saturday!


The color of this feature along White Creek varies from moss green to green-orange over time.

West Thumb Feature EE

A nice pool in West Thumb.