A new geothermal feature every day in 2011.

West Thumb

Seismograph Pool

Bluebell Pool and Seismograph Pool are right next to each other and are notable for their temperature difference. Typically Bluebell is blue (of course) and Seismograph is green/yellow/orange. In 2010, both Bluebell and Seismograph were blue.


Lakeside Spring

In 2006, Lakeside Spring was a hot, blue pool. By 2010, it was a green pool with a distinct orange border.

Blue Funnel Spring

A nice, blue pool for … not Wednesday!

Ledge Spring

I seem to have only two pictures of this feature, which can’t be right. Even if there are more and I can’t find them, it certainly doesn’t seem to inspire many photos.

Big Cone

It varies from year to year and season to season whether Big Cone is above or below the water. I have two pictures from July in different years. One is above the water and one is not.

Little Cone

This is the pool next to Big Cone. Somehow I just ignored it for years and only had one closeup. Then I realized that this was a different feature from Fishing Cone, Big Cone, and Lakeshore Geyser.

Thumb Paint Pots

Highly variable, I’ve seen these watery and dried up.

Lakeshore Geyser

Lakeshore Geyser is sometimes underwater and sometimes not. I picked this photo for the clear greenish water that has almost a stained glass or mosaic look.

West Thumb Feature CC

My photo of this bubbler was published in the Sput in 2009, the bimontly publication of the GOSA, the Geyser Observation and Study Association (http://geyserstudy.org). In 2009, this bubbler on the side of Fishing Cone was active and had a bacterial mat. A year later, Fishing Cone was underwater.

West Thumb Feature AA

I guess when you have to come up with 365, you end up with some like these. I think I need to get to some more backcountry basins.