A new geothermal feature every day in 2011.

Sentinel Meadows

Mound Spring

It was just us and the bison the day we went out to find Mound Spring. Out in a meadow are four mounds and each has a hot pool on it, Mound Spring, Steep Cone, Iron Pot, and Flat Cone. We saw three of the four, but hadn’t brought shoes to cross the river to see Flat Cone. The meadow was also still a bit swampy, since it was only July, so next time I’d go out there in August.


Red Terrace Spring (Queen’s Laundry)

The oldest building in Yellowstone is in the runoff pool of Red Terrace Spring. It’s a short, easy hike to Red Terrace, and I’m surprised we only saw two other people the day we were out there. I’m not complaining. It was just us and the bison.

The Bulgers

Some pretty orange features in Sentinel Meadows.

Green Finger Pool

According to the RCN database, Green Finger Pool is next to Mound Spring. So I think this is Green Finger Pool.


This pool is out in meadow between Iron Pot and Steep Cone.

Iron Pot

We came upon Iron Pot at its lowest water level and did not wait around several hours for it to fill.