A new geothermal feature every day in 2011.

Norris Back Basin

Norris Back Basin Feature K

For such a colorless, small feature, I find this one fascinating and have several pictures. The water is crystal clear and the little terrace is smooth and white. The water doesn’t so much splash as burble.


Norris Back Basin Feature J

This feature is out in the field near Porkchop Geyser. It has two vents and is a perpetual spouter.

Minute Geyser

I don’t have any pictures of Minute Geyser not erupting, so it must be a perpetual spouter, or at least nearly so.

Veteran Geyser

Veteran Geyser spends a lot of time erupting and you can get some good closeups of splashing water.

Puff N Stuff Geyser

I always think of Puff N Stuff as a fumarole, not a geyser, but apparently it did erupt. Once.

Crater Spring

Here’s yet another feature in the Norris Back Basin that changes from year to year. In this picture from 2006, the water is fairly low but bubbling.

Forgotten Fumarole

Yes, forgotten, because this feature is back behind some trees on the path out of the Norris Back Basin. Unless it’s cool out and you can see the steam, you wouldn’t even know this was a thermal feature.

Porkchop Geyser

It’s hundreds of thousands of years since the last volcanic eruption at Yellowstone, and yet the geyser basins change every year. The Norris Basin has some of the most dramatic changes. In fact, a few years ago, the Park Service had to completely reroute the boardwalk around Porkchop. Now we can get some great pictures of the geyser crater and the glowing, blue water.

Fearless Geyser

This pool seems to usually just bubble, but I have pictures of bursts as high as one foot.

Yellow Funnel Spring

Some year this is a bubbler and some years it’s a fumarole, but I’ve never seen it yellow.