A new geothermal feature every day in 2011.

Mud Volcano

Mud Volcano

The photo is a little blurry, but at least it has some life. Otherwise, the photos of Mud Volcano look like mud puddles.


Dragon’s Mouth Spring

I like to take pictures of Dragon’s Mouth Spring, but it is not easy. The pool boils at the opening in the hillside, putting out a steady steam cloud. If it doesn’t obscure or fade the colors, it messes up the exposure settings. So this one is another of my drive-by features. I drive by, hop out, take a few pictures and then check them out when I get home.

Sour Lake

Sour Lake is a giant green pond in the Mud Volcano Basin.

Sizzling Basin

You can’t see the overall feature in this picture, but it was the only picture that showed what I’d call sizzling – a collection of tiny bubbles.

Mud Caldron

Thursday mud.

Sulphur Caldron

If I remember correctly, this is the battery acid pool.

Black Dragon’s Caldron

Black Dragon's Caldron

Black Dragon's Caldron

A gray, bubbling pool in the Mud Volcano Basin. What I remember most about this is that you often can’t get to it because the bison like to hang around on the boardwalk.

Mud Geyser

This is just a big mud pit. There are always bison hanging around. The bison have a path from Mud Geyser, down along the road, across the road, and into a meadow across the road. They do not look before they cross the road! We watched a bison walking down the path a few feet from the road while an RV didn’t even slow down. The bison never looked at the road until he swung his head and entered the road. We thought for sure the bison and the RV were done for. Fortunately, the bison stopped. We were going in the opposite direction and had already stopped. Sure enough, the bison crossed the road right in front of us. We did not get a great picture through the windshield.

Churning Caldron


Must be Thursday. We have mud.

Grizzly Fumarole

These mudpots and fumaroles are in the Mud Volcano basin.