A new geothermal feature every day in 2011.

Black Sand

Opalescent Pool

I used this photo as the album cover for one of my Yellowstone albums and that is why I chose it for the final photo. How many Yellowstone photo projects do I have?

  • Several albums.
  • Rolodex with one image per rolodex card.
  • Trail guide, first edition.
  • Trail guide, second edition, two volumes.
  • Trail guide, third edition, two volumes (160 pages).
  • Blog.
  • Thermal feature iBook.

Handkerchief Geyser

This might or might not be Handkerchief Geyser, but it’s in the general vicinity. I’ve certainly never seen it erupt, but it does splash constantly. I like the horizontal bands of white and orange in this photo.

Black Sand Feature A

This feature is in the parking lot area of Black Sand Basin. It’s unusual for its round shape and smooth formations.

Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool is one of the pools that looks good if you don’t use a polarizing filter at all. The trees beyond the pool reflect perfectly if the conditions are right. In this photo, the colors are pronounced and you can see the reflection of the trees.

Rainbow Pool

This one is tough to photograph. If your lens is wide enough to get the whole pool, then you end up with a lot of boardwalk or people or the parking lot.

Green Spring

So I had a picture of this pool in Black Sand Basin and I could not identify it at all as Green Spring. The trouble was, this pool looks completely different if you photograph if from the boardwalk directly in front of it or from across the stream.

Jagged Spring

Jagged Spring and Ragged Spring are right next to each other and I see them mixed up in photos a lot. Jagged is the jagged crack in the earth. Ragged is the round one. Jagged erupts (so to speak) on an interval of a few minutes. It’s cycle is shorter than Cliff, which is right across the river, so you should manage to see a full cycle if you watch Cliff.

Black Sand Feature E

There’s not much to say about this little pool in the Black Sand Basin.


This is a nice spouter in the Black Sand Basin. As far as I know, it erupts constantly.


Who knew there was a geyser back there? To find this geyser, go to Opalescent Pool in the Black Sand Basin and look in the field behind it. It’s low to the ground, so you’ll need a good zoom lens to get a photo. It is not always erupting.