A new geothermal feature every day in 2011.

Along the Road

Chocolate Pots

This isn’t the best picture. It was late in the day and I propped the camera on the rock wall (instead of getting the tripod out) to make up for the long exposure. I almost focused on the right spot.


Beryl Spring

Beryl Spring is along the road between Norris and Madison. For some reason, it seems to be steamy most of the time.

Roaring Mountain

I have yet to hear this really roar, but perhaps without a major road next to it, it would.

Bijah Spring

This pool is off the side of the road between Mammoth and Norris. You have to look for it or notice the steam.

Roadside Feature A

Roadside Feature A is next to a pullout that overlooks a meadow. Based on photo sequences, I believe it’s south of Mammoth and north of Norris. There are three nice features here.