A new geothermal feature every day in 2011.


Opalescent Pool

I used this photo as the album cover for one of my Yellowstone albums and that is why I chose it for the final photo. How many Yellowstone photo projects do I have?
1995 – Several scrapbook pages.
1999 – Several scrapbook pages.
2002 – A 30-page album with a western theme.
2004 – A 30-page album with a summer theme.
2006 – A rolodex with one image per rolodex card. It sits on my sewing table and is one of my favorite things.
2008 – Pocket album. First edition of the trail guide.
2009 – Second edition of the trail guide, in two volumes.
2010 – Third edition of the trail guide, in two volumes (160 page). One hardback printed digital album.
2011 – Blog!


Norris Back Basin Feature K

For such a colorless, small feature, I find this one fascinating and have several pictures. The water is crystal clear and the little terrace is smooth and white. The water doesn’t so much splash as burble.

Mud Volcano

The photo is a little blurry, but at least it has some life. Otherwise, the photos of Mud Volcano look like mud puddles.

Mound Spring

It was just us and the bison the day we went out to find Mound Spring. Out in a meadow are four mounds and each has a hot pool on it, Mound Spring, Steep Cone, Iron Pot, and Flat Cone. We saw three of the four, but hadn’t brought shoes to cross the river to see Flat Cone. The meadow was also still a bit swampy, since it was only July, so next time I’d go out there in August.


This non-descript but bubbling pool is in the Terrace Spring basin.

Norris Back Basin Feature J

This feature is out in the field near Porkchop Geyser. It has two vents and is a perpetual spouter.

Seismograph Pool

Bluebell Pool and Seismograph Pool are right next to each other and are notable for their temperature difference. Typically Bluebell is blue (of course) and Seismograph is green/yellow/orange. In 2010, both Bluebell and Seismograph were blue.

Chocolate Pots

This isn’t the best picture. It was late in the day and I propped the camera on the rock wall (instead of getting the tripod out) to make up for the long exposure. I almost focused on the right spot.

Minute Geyser

I don’t have any pictures of Minute Geyser not erupting, so it must be a perpetual spouter, or at least nearly so.


LNN008 is a small hot pool along White Creek.